Donating hats, gloves, and new socks to children in need. Many are homeless or living with parents who have lost jobs. One item will make a difference.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

2010-11 Dropoff...

247 - GLOVES (Record)
201 - HATS (Record)
244 - SOCKS

What an amazing experience, we've had. This year has been another life changing experience. We've been unaware of the Refugee situation in the state of Utah. What a wonderful thing to talk with the people who help them on a daily basis and to see how some live. We were told that many of them come here with only sandals from wherever they have traveled from. They wear them all winter long. Without socks.
It was perfect that Alec was able to deliver a huge bag full of socks!!
Warm wonderful socks from a very generous basketball coach!
This was at a place called Hser Ner Moo Community Center. Named after a refugee who was murdered at her apartment complex. It is now the home of a community center where refugee children have a place to go after school to do their homework and be supervised as their parents work. I saw my children's eyes change as we drove up and visited this place. It was so different from where we come from. It was something I wish every child could see. I think we try to explain that there are people who live differently than us, who are in so much need and they should be so thankful for what they have! But, until they see and feel how very fortunate they really are, I'm not sure they CAN get it. As we drove away we talked about the difference in their lives and  those children who have been moved from everything they know to a place that's better in so many ways, but still so foreign.
These are our new friends at Oqquirh Elementary School! We were so sad to hear that JCIT had been dissolved with the new budget cuts, and were a little worried about the items getting to the right place. In 2009 we collected a few bonus coats and had given them to this elementary because of a story we saw on the news. So we called Oqquirh Elementary again to see if they could direct us on the right path. Evelyn Sadler was WONDERFUL and does so much to help the children in need in our Jordan School District. She is the Parent Advocate and Oquirrh Elementary and sees the needs of our children. There is a room in the school that parents can come and receive items that have been donated to help their families. Our title one schools needed these items terribly bad! The answer to our prayer.
Principal - Nancy Ward, Parent Advocate - Evelyn Sadler, Alec, Carter, Savvy and Luke!