Donating hats, gloves, and new socks to children in need. Many are homeless or living with parents who have lost jobs. One item will make a difference.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ready to collect!

Riverton High's National Honor Society delivered beautiful new collection boxes for us this year! Let us know if you'd like one to put in your office or another location.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Delivered! WITH ALEC HOME!!!

 Alec came home for Christmas and we took this opportunity to deliver with him. After two years gone, he loved it just as much as when he was 8 years old. With the help of so many we completely re-stocked Sandy Elementary's supply of warm blankets and socks! Plus, added to the little hats and gloves they had. The parent advocate there, Isa, said that the blankets will be gone the very fastest. *These donations are shared through 5 different Title 1 schools in the Canyons District this year.

Socks - 234 pair
Hats - 85
Gloves - 86
Blankets - 29
Bonus Jackets - 6

Thursday, November 17, 2016

FTWOTC Turkey Trot 5k

This year as part of our collection efforts we decided to put on our very own 5k Thanksgiving morning down the trail where we live. We invited our little neighborhood and family members and only asked that they bring either gloves, hats, or socks for us to donate. In return we had the most beautiful chilly morning, and after the run we served fruit, water and hot chocolate. We are surrounded by the best people, and we think this will be a new collection tradition! #Forthewarmthofthechildren Turkey Trot has been born. 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Starting to collect!!

For the Warmth of the Children 2016
After being in Honduras for 2 years Alec is more motivated than ever to help those who need us! The call is out! Help us #lighttheworld !! We are trying to warm up 2 states this year. (and hopefully more soon!) 
Alec is collecting for schools in Virginia, and his family is collecting for Utah. 

For the past 12 years we have been working hard to give warmth and light during the Christmas season to the children right here in our own community. The temperature has dropped and the snow has come. This means these children need us. Please visit for details and pictures of past collections.

We have the opportunity to change our neighbors Christmas morning. Not worrying about keeping their children warm will give our friends peace and joy. And of course, give those children the opportunity to play in the snow! 
Let us show others our love by giving generously this year.

For the Warmth of the Children collection includes:

New or gently used Hats and Gloves, and NEW Socks only.


*We will collect until Monday, December 12th

The title one elementary schools that will benefit this year from your donations are Oquirrh, Majestic, Columbia, Heartland, Westvale and Riverside, Midvale and Sandy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Delivery #2!!

Trying to keep those kids warm!

Second delivery of the season: 
28 warm blankets, and 15 coats to Sandy Elementary! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

a letter to the boy that started it Honduras. :)

I want to tell you about our deliver day for For the Warmth of the Children. You might be saying what the heck, why are you just now delivering. But with traveling during Thanksgiving, building the house, and other sports and family stuff, our collection started late, went too long, and it was hard working out time to deliver and end. It was a crazy crazy year for sure. But we collected 
347 pair of socks, 
115 hats, 
158 gloves, 
5 scarves, 
12 children's coats, 
and 8 adult coats. 
It was for sure one of the smallest years we've had in a while. But numbers do not matter!! We did it, and when we delivered on Friday, oh my goodness, that's when you know it was just how it was supposed to be!! So we got most of our donations from people in Sandy, and we thought it would be better to donate up here in the Canyons District. I looked up the title 1 schools and we decided on Sandy Elementary and Midvale Elementary (where it all began!) Midvale is brand new they have rebuilt it, but it's still right in that same neighborhood we always went to at the beginning. We got 6 medium boxes and filled two with socks, two with hats, and two with gloves. We tied a ribbon around 3, and then around the other 3 and then filled bags with the extra items. We said a prayer over them and thought of you the whole time.:) We took the first load to Sandy Elementary, and the office ladies were thrilled. The one accepted it and started crying, she was so grateful to us and said that a little girl had just come down to the office with socks that fit to the middle of her foot, like a baby sock. She said that some come to school with no socks! The kids and I were so happy when we left there. Like God had needed that school to have those things Alec. Perfect timing. (and it snowed bad this weekend again). Then we went to Midvale Elementary. The assistant secretary was in the office right at the perfect time. We told them who we were and what we do, and that our brother who is on a mission started it all when he was 8, and they were amazed!!!! She asked if it was a project, and we said, no - it's just what we do.:) She proceeded to tell us about all they do for the Midvale Homeless Shelter. The children who actually live in the homeless shelter go to Midvale Elementary for school. She said those kids will need this stuff so badly. That they come to school with hardly anything, and are so tired because they don't sleep good in the loud cold shelter. It broke our hearts! But left us feeling like even with the craziness, God will send you where you need to be if you just try your hardest to serve. If you answer His call, He will direct you where to go. They were all so grateful that day. After that we went to the Midvale Homeless Shelter, and donated the used coats that we had received. Just seeing children out standing by their father, and then another couple leaving pushing a stroller, picking up used cigarettes on the road, left me feeling so grateful for my life and for the gospel. I loved that Luke, at age 10, could see those faces, that they didn't have a home, and we could help them. (Just like you did, when you were about his age) That day was a great blessing in my life, just as every delivery day has been. Thank you for this gift that we started together all those years ago.:) 

Another miracle was that we had some money donated to us, but we went to a bunch of All a Dollar's and they were all sold out of hats and gloves. So we just decided to deliver anyway and see if maybe there was a need for where we could spend the money on. Well when I got home from delivering, I already had an email from Sandy Elementary from the children's advocate who makes sure the families at the school have what they need. We didn't meet her but she sent the nicest email and had read the blog. She wondered if we collected blankets as well, because they were in need of those for her families. WELL YES WE WILL GO BUY SOME BLANKETS!!!! So I'm sending a call out on Facebook, for warm blankets and will be delivering those this week.:) How cool is that!?? I hope this makes you happy today. :)
It was a good good day.
Love you forever, up to heaven and back.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Collect and Donate in the name of FTWOTC!!

This is Carter here. 

Again, if you want
 to donate hats, gloves and socks we will have drop off 
locations in South Jordan and Sandy UT. Email us if you would
like to know locations. Every single item 
helps these children!!!! We will come pick up too.

*OR, if you want to start a little collection with your family,
 friends, neighborhood, church group, school class, dorm
or yourself- start collecting!!! Then donate it in the name of 
"For the Warmth of the Children" and send us totals and
 pictures of your delivery or post your experience and 
hashtag your photo's with ‪#‎FTWOTC‬. Then we will send
Elder Johnson everything you did. 
Thanks guys!

2015 Collecting is Beginning!!!

“For the Warmth of the Children” 2015

For the past 11 years we have been working hard to give warmth to the children right here in our own community. It’s already starting to snow and that means these children need us. Our founder Alec (Elder) Johnson is still in Honduras working hard on his 2 year LDS mission in Honduras. He has challenged us to do all we can to make this year a huge success! We want to take his challenge and make him proud, as we are so proud of him for bringing a different kind of warmth to those around him in Central America. 
Please visit for details and pictures of past collections.

Many of our Utah neighbors are without homes or jobs, or just plain struggling throughout this holiday season. We have the opportunity to change Christmas morning for their family, and change whether or not the children can play in the snow! 
Let us show others our love by giving generously and keep each other warm.

For the Warmth of the Children collection includes:

New or gently used Hats and Gloves, and NEW Socks only.


*We will collect until Monday, December 7th
Drop off to the Johnson residence 11470 S. Jolley Acres Cir. Sandy

The title one elementary schools that will benefit this year from your donations are Oquirrh, Majestic, Columbia, Heartland, Westvale and Riverside

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Our favorite day!! This week we were able to deliver 334 hats, 355 gloves, 537 pair of socks, 29 coats, 11 scarves, 7 pajamas, and 6 blankets to Oqquirh Elementary, where they will go to the homes of children in need on Christmas morning. Thank you to all who donated!! There were "Christmas Miracles" the night before and again the morning we took the goodies. Which means to me that this little, tiny charity is being led by someone not so little. God knows our needs. Both tiny and big. He will always hear us. And He will always help us.
As we dropped the bags off, it felt strange handing them over without Alec, who started this all. We missed him in every step. But walking down the hall toward the school doors, Luke pointed to a small tile hanging on the wall that had been hand painted by a child, "Look!" - it was a beautiful flower and the name - Honduras. We felt Alec's love and Christ's love in the same moment.💙